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Welcome to #ILoveGay Views.
We've begun to weave together several #ILoveGay Today interviews into a larger story with greater context. Check out our 1st episode, where we focus on LGBTQ+ bars in NYC and how they've survived the pandemic and are poised for a comeback now that life has begun to come back to normal in 2021.

ILoveGay Views ILoveGay Views ILoveGay Views

Distribution of these videos is primarily on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Audience is primarily LGBTQ+ business-to-business, with video posts on these 4 platforms getting approximately 2,500 video views combined per video. We are also now in syndication on television streaming video on OutAt.TV

LGBTQ+ Bars - Our Safe Spaces Adapting to a Post-COVID world
There were 200 lesbian bars in 1980... now there are 15 (and maybe even less?)

Part 1

Join us as we dive into this ever-evolving story of LGBTQ+ bars around the US and around the world fighting for survival during this past year's pandemic, quarantine and subsequent shutdowns and closures. We meet the owners of Stonewall Inn, Alibi Lounge and Julius' Bar, all in NYC, where they share with us some of their stories as to how they've adapted to keep their businesses afloat long enough to make it to this current opening up we're experiencing across the country.

Part 2

In this episode, we explore the financial assistance programs organizations such as GoFundMe, Jagermeister and the Gill Foundation have developed, just to name a few. They've teamed up with organizations such as the Lesbian Bar Project with their #SaveTheNight campaign and Q.Digital/GayCities with their #SaveOurSpaces, helping iconic bars across the country including Julius' Bar NYC, Stonewall Inn and more.

Part 3

In this episode, we fast forward a few months, as life begins to open up across the country and hope takes hold that life for LGBTQ+ bars across the country can come back to some version of normalcy soon.

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