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IGLTA & Pink Media: LGBTQ+ Travel Marketing

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Join Auston Matta, Marketing Manager of IGLTA, and Matt Skallerud, President of Pink Media, as we discuss the value of the LGBTQ+ traveler as we enter 2022, along with some marketing strategies and techniques to reach this demographic. IGLTA has recently completed an LGBTQ+ consumer travel survey, of which we'll be sharing some of the results. In addition, we chat about storytelling first, including written word (articles & blog posts), photos, podcasts & videos, and how those can be distributed via social media, e-mail newsletters, advertising via video, mobile apps and even banners in today's media environment. We also discuss how LGBTQ+ influencer content can be amplified above and beyond their fans and follower base, giving their blog posts, photos, videos and social media posts life year round, working on behalf of a destination 365 days per year.

User-Generated Content (UGA) is also discussed, citing IGLTA's most recent convention in Atlanta as an example. We explore how most of the 400 attendees helped tell IGLTA's story via their social media posts, using #IGLTA2021, and how that same case study can be extrapolated into events, pride festivals and more, allowing organizations and destinations to become part of these conversations, while keeping themselves at the forefront to LGBTQ+ travelers 24/7. Lastly, we discuss marketing automation, including real-world examples our companies are utilizing today.

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PS - we can adapt this presentation for your LGBTQ+ virtual conference as well. Let us know if interested.

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