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New Opportunities in Hyper-Targeting Your LGBTQ+ Audience Via E-Mail

We've had a resurgence in highly successful e-mail campaigns here at Pink Media recently... with an LGBTQ+ consumer list now up to 95,000 names and growing, we're able to target your audience based on REGION, as well as CATEGORIES such as Travel, Sports Lovers, Foodies, Theatre-lovers and more.

Recent successful e-mail campaigns have included:


  • 85% Male / 15% Female
  • 70% US / 20% Europe / 10% Global

Some Select Highlights
   - We've asked our e-mail list registrations to self-select their interests.
     The following is a highlighted summary of the Top 5 results

  • Travel: 42,581
  • Theatre: 39,145
  • Foodies: 37,008
  • Sports: 27,197
  • Politics: 25,775

Top 10 Regions

  • NYC: 9,415
  • Los Angeles: 8,559
  • Texas: 8,446
  • Florida: 7,132
  • Chicago: 7,108
  • DC: 3,481
  • Next in line is Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle

E-Mail List Sources

Our open rates average 20%, and our click-through rates on open e-mails average 15%.

In addition, we have an LGBTQ+ Business-to-Business E-Mail list at 16,500+ and growing!
For more information on this and other B-to-B opportunities, click here.

Let us know your specific LGBTQ+ demographic you're looking to TARGET via EMAIL, and we'll let you know how many can REACH! Call us at (323) 963-3653 or contact us here to get started.

Cost: starting at $500

For every e-mail campaign purchased above,
we will also promote your campaign via the #ILoveGay 360° Multimedia Network

We will rebroadcast your e-mail campaign through our #ILoveGay network, choosing #ILoveGay profiles specific to your content, such as @ILoveGayTV, @ILoveGayFoodies and @ILoveLGBTTravel, as well as some of our larger profiles including @ILoveGayLGBT. We would also share via #ILoveGay profiles based on the region your content is focused on, such as @ILoveGayLA, @ILoveGayNYC and @ILoveGayLondon.

#ILoveGay Twitter 360° Network

For more information, go to:

Only with Pink Media do we show you how to leverage the power of the individual to promote your brand with our state-of-the art interpersonal marketing techniques.

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