Our LGBTQ Top Selling Package of 2023

Reach the LGBTQ+ Community
Leverage the Power of Social Relationships
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Our LGBTQ Top Selling Package of 2023

Amplify Your Story | Hyper-Target Your LGBTQ+ Demographic

  #ILoveGay 360° Multimedia Network

Our offer is simple. We work with you to get your story developed and then distributed via a bit of PR and a heavy dose of targeted social media.

We start with your story... this serves as the foundation for this campaign. It can be an article written about your company, your product and/or your service, or even better, an interview. We have the writers on staff to work with you on this initial piece.

We distribute this article and/or interview using traditional PR methods, ensuring it is delivered to the right contacts at over 650 LGBTQ+ media outlets in the US and Canada.

We then combine these traditional aspects of marketing and PR and merge them with social media marketing outreach via our #ILoveGay network, 1,000,000+ followers and growing.

Cost: $1,950 for the article/interview, press distribution AND #ILoveGay social media distribution for 30 days.

Guaranteed Performance: 10,000 social media impressions of your content in one month

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Facebook Targeted Advertising: Offering highly targeted advertising to reach your company's LGBTQ+ demographic. In the following example shown to the right, this targeting selects individuals living in the New York City area, 18-65+, who have shown an interest in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza or just Spain in general, AND show an interest in LGBTQ travel. Layering these interest data sets together allows us to target gays men and/or lesbian women who would like to travel to Spain. This type of targeting allows us to focus on your key demographic like never before.
Costs starting at $500 per week.

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Merge Track #1 and #2 together and save! $3,500 for 30 days merging both of these strategies into one campaign!

To Get Started, Pay Online Here

Add our YouTube video add-on, where we promote your #ILoveGay Today interview to your target demographic:
Starting at $500!

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Estimated impressions and reach for Pink Media / #ILoveGay outreach
E-Mail Campaign10,0002002.0%
Banner Ads50,0002500.5%
Facebook & Twitter Ads20,0004002.0%
#ILoveGay Twitter 360°30,0004501.5%

Facebook & Twitter Ads20,0001,0005.0%
#ILoveGay Twitter 360°30,0007503.5%
     *Engagement: Likes, Comments and Shares / ER = Engagement Rate
     *Estimate is for a $500 monthly investment in each line item above

Recent Video campaign performance
 PlatformAmountVideo ViewsCost per 1,000 video viewsImpressionsCPM

Social Media Reach from our #ILoveGay social media networks (including @ILoveLGBTTravel, @ILoveGayLGBT, @ILoveLGBTBiz, @PinkMediaWorld and @ILoveGayViews) is now over 800,000+ followers on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Instagram combined.

  • Twitter: 1,000,000+ followers
  • Facebook: 25,000+ followers
  • Instagram: 15,000+ followers

Two of our more recent campaigns based on this strategy had the following performance on Facebook and Twitter:
Campaign #1:

  • Impressions on Facebook (including Instagram targeting): 189,567
  • Engagement: 7,963
  • Engagement Rate: 4.2%
  • Link Clicks: 4,508
  • Cost: $0.27 per click

  • Impressions on Twitter: 59,504
  • Engagement: 3,105
  • Engagement Rate: 5.2%
  • Link Clicks: 921
  • Cost: $0.38 per click

Campaign #2:

  • Impressions (including Instagram targeting): 21,612
  • Reach: 12,860
  • Link Clicks: 624
  • Click Through Rate: 2.88%
  • Comments: 22
  • Shares: 29
  • Engagement: 675
  • Engagement Rate: 3.12%
  • Basic Demographics: 73% men, 27% women
  • Cost: $0.45 per click

Rule of Thumb: A $1,000 purchase in banner ads buys 100,000 impressions at $10 CPM. At a 0.1% click-through rate (CTR), clicks = 100 and cost is $10 cost per click (CPC). At a 1% CTR, clicks = 1,000 and cost is $1 CPC. For reference, Google search/text ads are typically $1-2 CPC.

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