#ILoveGay Network Performance: Over 10 million video views in one week!

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#ILoveGay Network Performance: Over 10 million video views in one week!

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Over 10 million video views in one week! This is what happens when you work with a company that knows the world of online marketing & advertising inside and out! With a strategy that lies between advertising, marketing & PR, while incorporating elements of a media company and an influencer, we can leverage our #ILoveGay network and our expertise in digital advertising to get your message out to a wide, yet highly targeted audience outside of your company's current social media following. Give us a try here at Pink Media and #ILoveGay, a hybrid company incorporating the best of an LGBTQ+ media company, along with the expertise and strategy only an LGBTQ+ online marketing firm with 30 years' experience can provide.

'Everyone is a marketing expert', but as it turns out, knowing the community you are trying to reach, whether it is how to talk to your followers or the type of brands they are loyal to, or which platform to reach them on depending on the age demographic, does make a huge difference. We have these skills and experience in-house. This is how we achieve these exceptional results.

Please note: we do not guarantee any client post will achieve these numbers. They came about based on a combination of our targeted advertising to an existing community of like-minded LGBTQ+ individuals, in this case, followers and friends of followers (2nd degree connections) of @ILoveGayMusic, and the organic reach this profile already had, as part of the larger #ILoveGay network of over 2 million followers. Utilizing this strategy of targeted/paid and organic reach, however, provides one of the strongest opportunities in advertising today where your post can go viral the way these did, reaching a broad yet targeted LGBTQ+ audience.
  -   estimated budget for a campaign at this level starts at $3,500

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