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We'll be featuring a variety of blog posts and articles related to LGBTQ+ business topics and the world of new media (YouTube, podcasts, blogs and more).

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We'll also be featuring blog posts and articles related to some of the latest in cutting-edge LGBTQ+ social media topics, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

X (formerly Twitter) Bans Pink Media & ##ILoveGay Network, suppressing over 1 Million LGBTQ Voices. Who’s Next?

Learn More From a business angle, we were hesitant to report this and put out a statement, in hopes that we would be able to recover our 250+ profiles on X from what they are calling a ‘permanent suspension.’ But since the morning of July 4th, 2024, when our entire network of profiles was taken down, we’ve received numerous emails, DMs and texts from LGBTQ+ folks from around the world asking us what has happened.


Articles We've Been A Part of for Pride Month June 2024

Learn More Check out some of the articles we were a part of for Pride Month 2024. The larger story that's been taking hold this Pride Month is how larger companies and brands have taken a few steps back with their LGBTQ+ outreach this year, and it's been the power of LGBTQ+ small business that has really risen to the occasion when it comes to helping support LGBTQ+ media, marketing firms and LGBTQ+ non-profits.


Pink Media Celebrates LGBTQ+ Small Business Successes Amid Pride 2024 Challenges

Learn More While much of corporate America has decided to sit this Pride season out, LGBTQ+ small business has risen to the challenge by supporting LGBTQ+ media, marketing and non-profit firms in 2024. The results thus far have been amazing!

Here we are in the final days of Pride Month, June 2024, and we want to acknowledge and show our appreciation and gratitude to the many LGBTQ+ small businesses that have stepped up to offset some of the advertising revenue losses experienced by LGBTQ media like Pink Media this year. Many large brands chose to sideline themselves for Pride 2024, still recovering from the backlash faced by Bud Light, Target, and even Disney in 2023. As a result, much of corporate America has decided to sit this Pride season out.


#ILoveGay Network Performance: Over 10 million video views in one week!

Learn More Over 10 million video views in one week! This is what happens when you work with a company that knows the world of online marketing & advertising inside and out!


Leland Vittert - On Balance: Target to Scale Back LGBTQ+ Merchandise

Learn More Check us out... Leland and I chatting about Bud Light, Target & Disney and the effects of the 'double boycott'. When businesses pull back from their support of the LGBTQ+ community, the pullbacks feel like a reaction not well thought through, but for us, this is our lives, it's personal. We don't have the luxury of just pulling back, jumping back into the closet and waiting for a better day.


Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media & PR

Learn More Hey there, this is Matt Skallerud from Pink Media and the #ILoveGay Network, and today I'm diving into how your company's branding, marketing, advertising, social media, and PR can seamlessly merge into one powerhouse strategy.


Bye, Bye Cookies! Hello People-Based Marketing & Advertising

Learn More Hello and Happy March 2024 from Pink Media: A Company With Influence!
We can get your content and story out there via our #ILoveGay social media networks, reaching a broad yet targeted slice of the LGBTQ+ consumer online. Our followers, over 1.5 million strong and growing, can easily share it with their friends and followers, and allow your content to get the reach it deserves. We also apply the people-based element to our strategy here, engaging with our followers and turning a static one-way relationship into a fully engaged 2-way, human-centric relationship. And lastly, we can then amplify your message to an even larger yet targeted audience via cookie-free, paid advertising on social media, mobile apps, connected TVs, LGBTQ+ websites and more.


LGBTQ+ Business To Business Outreach

Learn More Hello and Happy New Year from the team at Pink Media - a company with influence! 2024 is getting off to a strong start. We've just submitted a bid for a rather large LGBTQ+ business-to-business project that we're excited and hopeful to win. As I was putting together notes on why we're uniquely qualified to take on this role, I thought it might be good to share these thoughts with you all as my New Year's message for 2024.


Monitor & Amplify

Learn More Whether it's a destination, a film, a theatrical production, a book release or more... we can find some of the best content by monitoring the Internet and social media for specific keywords, simultaneously curating and sharing that content to a targeted LGBTQ+ audience that is specifically interested in your product or service. Let us make this part of your cutting-edge marketing mix as we enter 2024... it's just part of our overall strategy to keep our clients visible in front of their targeted LGBTQ+ audience online 24/7, 365 days per year.


The Evolution of LGBTQ+ Media as we enter 2024

Learn More In the LGBTQ+ world, that is our #ILoveGay business model. A hybrid media & marketing firm with a dose of content creation brought in as needed. We've had a record year in 2023 with bringing elements of this strategy to the marketplace... and we're poised to bring this all together in an even stronger way for our clients in 2024, with our #ILoveGay network now reaching over 1.5 million followers and growing fast. So give us a call or e-mail us today... we'd love to work with you.


LGBTQ+ Entertainment Marketing

Learn More ...and then we amplify that content via our #ILoveGay social media network, keeping that content out there and visible to the LGBTQ+ community online on a more regular and consistent basis. Paid campaigns that take this amplification to the next level perform even better, with impressions, engagements and click-throughs that rival any banner ad campaigns from a decade ago.


Removing the Gatekeepers in the Way of YOU Getting Your LGBTQ+ Message Out

Learn More So how does an LGBTQ+ media & marketing company fit in in today's self-publishing and self-promoting world? The answer is by partnering with you to help take YOUR content and get it out there to an even wider while more targeted LGBTQ+ audience.


Trouble Targeting LGBTQ+ on Social Media?

Learn More I don't know about you, but for us, when it comes to advertising, Facebook and Instagram targeting has become more and more of a challenge lately.


You've got the content, we've got the LGBTQ+ targeted audience & distribution

Learn More this adversity lies opportunity for both destinations and brands, to partner and team up with LGBTQ+ media such as #ILoveGay, allowing us to run your LGBTQ+ content for you. You'll benefit by the increased exposure your organization will be receiving from a specifically LGBTQ+ audience... and that's not just random LGBTQ+ exposure. It's targeted to LGBTQ+ individuals who have shown an interest in travel to your destination, or perhaps have shown an interest in your company's product or service category, such as travel, theatre, sports, food and so much more.


Pink Media at the Nexus of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising

Learn More I'd like to take this time to summarize who we are, what we do and how we believe we can partner with you to best reach your target market within the LGBTQ+ community online. First, Pink Media's business strategy... it's a cutting-edge strategy that lies at the nexus of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising, with an #ILoveGay twist! Our job is to keep your message alive and in front of your targeted LGBTQ+ audience 24/7, 365 days per year.


Pink Media - Meta's Launch of Threads

Learn More Let's talk about Threads. But first, some context... we all know what Stories are, but remember back when they were just Snaps? Then the Snaps technology was "borrowed" by all of the major social media platforms and became Stories. The same thing happened with Reels... once upon a time they were just TikToks. Now they are Shorts and Reels.


Pink Media at the Intersection of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising

Learn More As we wrap up Pride Month 2023, we believe we can safely say that our business model we've been refining over the past few years has finally come together as a true, new LGBTQ+ media strategy that we can now take to market for the next several years.


#ILoveGay Network Now at One Million Followers and Growing Fast!

Learn More With our #ILoveGay network now reaching over 1,000,000+ followers and growing fast, our strength in reaching a targeted LGBTQ+ audience anywhere in the world just reached a new height.


Reaching the LGBTQ+ European Market

Learn More With our #ILoveGay network now reaching over 1,000,000+ followers and growing, our strength in the European market allows us to offer our clients unprecedented reach into targeting LGBTQ+ consumers across the European continent. The power of social media advertising is in our opportunity to reach 2nd degree contacts, a version of "friends of friends". Meaning that if a single social media profile has 5,000 followers, we can target and reach their followers as well. If they average 1,000 followers each, that is a potential audience of 5,000,000. Layering on additional targeting, such as reaching an LGBTQ+ audience interested in sports, travel, theatre, movies and more allows for a strong audience size our clients can get their message in front of at a fraction of the cost of traditional targeted advertising to reach this niche LGBTQ+ community online.


Strategy, Performance & New Customer Acquisition

Learn More At Pink Media, we can confirm that this is indeed the case! Based on our growing client base with dedicated marketing budgets on social media, we've decided to emphasize our #ILoveGay social media network even more by using the full force of its 200+ social media profiles. We can now reach over a million followers and it's growing rapidly! Join us and we can market your organization on our #ILoveGay social media network, reaching our vast locally-engaged audiences that span the globe.



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