Leland Vittert - On Balance: Target to Scale Back LGBTQ+ Merchandise

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Leland Vittert - On Balance: Target to Scale Back LGBTQ+ Merchandise

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Leland: Perhaps good business is just being in good business and not jumping into political advocacy...
Matt: "Why does being LGBTQ+ have to be viewed as just a political cause... for us, this is our lives!"

Check us out... Leland and I chatting about Bud Light, Target & Disney and the effects of the "double boycott". When businesses pull back from their support of the LGBTQ+ community, the pullbacks feel like a reaction not well thought through, but for us, this is our lives, it's personal. We don't have the luxury of just pulling back, jumping back into the closet and waiting for a better day. The question becomes "are you TRULY with us, or are you with us only when it's convenient, attracted more by our collective spending power and less on who we are as a community with power?"

In the meantime, many companies are now waiting on the sidelines when it comes to their support of the LGBTQ+ community, in hopes our political divides will subside and they can return to business as usual. But will it be "business as usual"? Or will we, the LGBTQ+ community, expect more in the months and years ahead? Will we expect a stronger and more long-lasting commitment from the business community, especially as younger people continue to take a stronger economic and political position in society's lives? With statistics out showing that 1 in 5 GenZ individuals identifies somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, the writing on the wall is clear. We need corporate America to stand with us and show their support 24/7, 365 days per year!

From NewsNation:
As Pride month begins June 1, some Target stores and other retailers won’t be displaying LGBTQ+ merchandise. Pink Media President Matt Skallerud tells “On Balance” that Target and Bud Light experienced a “double boycott” last year: Opponents stayed away to protest the firm

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