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Partner with Pink Media for the most comprehensive yet targeted reach into the highly-coveted LGBTQ+ online consumer, with a focus in the world of LGBTQ+ Business-to-Business. Our campaigns are two-fold!

First, we focus on getting your message and story out to a hyper-targeted LGBTQ+ audience online via traditional online advertising, mobile apps, video advertising, and more.

Second, we get your message out to this same targeted audience via strategically-placed social media posts, both organically and utilizing paid social media advertising. There are strong LGBTQ+ Business-to-Business communities on social media. We're able to tap into these online conversations and communities on your company's behalf, amplifying your content, your social media posts, your videos and more within these communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Threads, X and more. This includes both social media hyper-targeted advertising and our #ILoveGay social media network, now reaching over 1.5 million followers and growing. Our success metrics are based on the visibility and performance we provide your company and its LGBTQ+ campaign, focusing on impressions, reach, click-throughs and engagement.

On the programmatic ad exchange, we're able to target a wide variety of characteristics unique to the world of Business-to-Business. We're able to layer these data selects onto LGBTQ+ websites on the programmatic ad exchange, targeting your specific LGBTQ+ demographic and geo-targeting this campaign to just those regions that are right for you, reaching your target market more directly than ever before.

We have the capability of targeting via traditional online advertising, including display ads, mobile ads and video ad units. We can target and display these video ad units online, as well as on Connected TVs (CTV), allowing for campaign optimizations that have the ability to hyper-target LGBTQ+ individuals down to the granular level of zip codes.

For some of the more advanced ad placements, we utilize Automatic Content Recognition technology (ACR), which allows us to secure premium inventory and serve impressions specifically within the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring the best advertising placements on all smart devices.


These ads can be geo-targeted, so that we're able to do targeted advertising as seen in the following examples:

  1. Targeting Small Business owners on LGBTQ+ websites in the DC area
  2. Targeting New Business owners on LGBTQ+ websites in the US Northeast
  3. Targeting Information Technology decision makers on LGBTQ+ websites nationwide

We put these examples together just to illustrate a sampling of what we can offer. We are able to monitor these campaigns and custom tailor them to focus on just what is working, removing those placements that are under-performing.

Speed & Agility
Features built to support rapid activation

Custom Audiences Geo-Targeting Data Selects Automated Disclosure
Targeting based on a wide variety of data selects & interests. Target, and report by any region in the world, including country, province,state, DMA, ZIP or Hyperlocal. Integrations with most data providers, including L2, TargetSmart, i360, Tunnl, Aristotle, and more. Built-in campaign feature to adhere to the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) rules & regulations

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