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Entry-Level Program: $495

Slowdown in the global economy? We're here to help!
Most cost-effective way to reach YOUR targeted LGBTQ+ audience online!

We take your article/press release/video/photo collage
and get it in front of a targeted LGBTQ+ audience,
reaching a minimum of 10,000 people!

Content Posting Strategy:
We will post 1 article/press release/video/photo collage from your organization in our #ILoveGay network.


We start with...






Recent Examples:
  -  BOOK: First to Leave the Party: My Life with Ordinary People... Who Happen to be Famous
      Twitter Post 1
      Twitter Post 2
      Twitter Post 3
      LinkedIn Post 1
      LinkedIn Post 2
      LinkedIn Post 3

  -  BUSINESS: National Pride Grant
      Twitter Post
      LinkedIn Post 1
      LinkedIn Post 2
      Facebook Post
  -  Other Examples
      Camp Camp - Maine
      Unleashed LGBTQ - Dallas
      One Magical Weekend - Orlando
      Nayarit Tourism - Mexico

  -  EVENT: Sonoma - Gay Wine Weekend
      Twitter Post 1
      Twitter Post 2
      Twitter Post 3
      Twitter Post 4

Part 2 - Promoting Your Content:
We have a variety of different ways of promoting your content to a targeted LGBTQ+ audience that's right for you. We can promote your post via our network on Twitter via our #ILoveGay network, now over 1,500,000+ followers and growing. We can promote your post via targeted Facebook & Instagram advertising, and we can promote your post via LinkedIn, with over 50,000 followers on our various LGBTQ+ business groups and profiles.

Cost: $495 for 1 week of promotion
To Get Started, Pay Online Here

Guaranteed Performance: 10,000 impressions of your content, minimum, in 1 week

Ideal for PR & Communication firms, teams and individuals; amplifying influencer content; tourism & destinations, theatre companies, films, music, books, corporate diversity & inclusion messaging & outreach, events including Pride and so much more.

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