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Welcome to Pink Media Video Series.
We hope you find this video series both enjoyable and information. Each one takes a deeper dive into some of the strategy and real-world examples of how we've helped clients recently to reach their target LGBTQ+ demographic online.

Pink Media at the Nexus of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising
Targeting LGBTQ+ Audiences Year-Round

Meta's Launch of Threads

Pink Media at the Intersection of LGBTQ+ PR & Advertising
Targeting LGBTQ+ Audiences Year-Round

Pride as a Tactic, Not Just A Strategy: 22-Minute Presentation
Targeting LGBTQ+ Audiences Year-Round

Pink Media: 16-Minute Presentation for 2022

Pink Media: 2-Minute Commercial

Pink Media: 4-Minute Commercial

Pink Media - Connected / Streaming Television Advertising

LGBTQ Online Marketing Tips & Techniques in 2020

Pink Media's Special "Voices of LA" segment with Fabrice Tasendo

#ILoveGay Recession Buster Series - Part 3 - How to Maximize a $500 Budget

#ILoveGay Recession Buster Series - Twitter: How, What, Why?

#ILoveGay Recession Buster Series - Part 1: Twitter 101

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