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LGBTQ+ PopOn: Podcasting

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We have a variety of programming tracts we've brought online,
including virtual advisory group discussions, workshop presentations, and expert panel discussions.

Expert Panel Discussion: Podcasting

LGBTQ+ Podcasting: we had several individuals who are currently operating successful podcasts online. Our podcast panel included:
  - Daryn Carp & Liz Culley - Scissoring Isn't A Thing
        Follow them on Twitter
  - Alexander Rodriguez - On The Rocks With Alexander
  - Brad Fuhr - ##ILoveGay Palm Springs Podcast
        ##ILoveGay Palm Springs Podcast on Apple
  - Thomas Lopez - Let's Talk About Gay Stuff

Moderated questions included:
  - How did you get started with this?
  - What sets your podcast apart from some of the others out there? What makes your podcast unique?
  - Who has successfully grown their podcast into a real, revenue-generating business?
  - What do the revenue streams look like? Sponsorships?

A few takeaways:
  - Weave your advertising messages into the content and content style of the actual show...
      this will make it sound more like a real message and not just an advertisement.
  - Work with engaged small businesses, who you're not only promoting,
      but will also promote you and your show to their networks as well...
      the same goes for staying engaged with others in your industry,
      making such a relationship a true win-win!

We had over 40 attendees with us as well, where they asked questions related to how to start a podcast, how often they should create content, etc.

Looking to advertise to this target LGBTQ audience? We work with any budgets (starting at $500 per month)... call us at (323) 963-3653 or contact us here to get started.

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