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Welcome to #ILoveGay "Voices of Travel".
Over the past several months, we've all been going through what perhaps may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience together... all of us, all around the world. In the LGBTQ+ community, We're sure you've seen what we've been seeing... incredible creativity in how we adapt, stay safe and prepare ourselves for what's on the other side of this post-pandemic world.

#ILoveGay "Voices of Travel" seeks to simply be a part of this creativity, showcasing and bringing together some of those amazing LGBTQ+ voices from the world of Travel. In partnership with IGLTA and the Connect THRIVE Summit, we welcome you to join us as we explore the best in us, the global LGBTQ+ community, as part of #ILoveGay "Voices of Travel". Teaming up with these and other LGBTQ+ tourism conferences, we'll be interviewing conference attendees, including conducting several interviews live on stage as part of the conference itself.

View #ILoveGay Today video interviews

For #ILoveGay "Voices of Travel", we are recording these interview sessions over the course of 2020 and 2021. The interviews (5-10 minutes max) will be featured as standalone interviews, with some being compiled into special productions such as an LGBTQ+ Travel influencer panel, and others being compiled as conference event blog posts and summaries. They are all designed to help tell the story of our Travel world, told from a uniquely LGBTQ+ perspective.

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Distribution of these videos is primarily on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Audience is primarily LGBTQ+ business-to-business, with video posts on these 4 platforms getting approximately 5,000 video views combined per video.

Travel Influencer Series: Couple of Men - Karl & Daan

Travel Influencer Series: Jenna Howieson - "The Jenna Way"

Travel Influencer Series: Leonard Miron

Connect Thrive Summit: Ed Salvato

Connect Thrive Summit: Ravi Roth - Ravi Round The World & Gaycation Magazine

Connect Thrive Summit: Jane Castor - Mayor of Tampa

Connect Thrive Summit: Leah Chandler - Discover Puerto Rico

Connect Thrive Summit: Rachel Covello - Outcoast Florida

Connect Thrive Summit: Sam Eddinger - Visit Florida

Travel Influencer Series: Sion - The Globetrotter Guys

Travel Influencer Series: Lan & Aon - Deer Is Travelling

Travel Influencer Series: Scott & Davide - The Big Gay Podcast from Puglia

Travel Influencer Series: Dean Nelson

Travel Influencer Series: Joey Amato - Pride Journeys

Sam Castañeda Holdren: Out in Colombia

Travel Influencer Series: David Perry

Looking to be a part of this or an upcoming #ILoveGay Today production? Contact us here to get started.

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